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Customers demand freshness and quality, while governments demand strict environmental controls on storage and odors. Restaurant, bar, market and food store owners are constantly under everyone's microscope (sometimes literally!) to deliver excellence. There are many possible solutions to air and surface contaminant or odor problems in the food service and retail industries. None combine continuous action and natural and ecological processes like ReSPR does. We offer safe and cost-effective solutions that your customers will notice, andyour staff will love.

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens.

  • Eliminates kitchen odors naturally (interior and exterior).

  • Efficient even in environments with high fat content.

  • Reduces harmful bacteria in cold storage areas.

  • Extends the useful life of products.

  • Complements existing filter ventilation systems.


One of the best performing franchise restaurants in South America (operating under a global brand) needed an effective odor reduction strategy for the external ventilation chimney, due to the closed urban area where it was located. No traditional ventilation solution was able to meet the customer's needs. An innovative large-scale solution was required.

ReSPR technology was used in a ventilation solution tailored specifically for the highest fat environment with careful project planning and the expertise of ReSPR engineers.


Result: The odor removal is virtually complete and the business continues to thrive within a happy and supportive local community.

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