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GOA Internationl Limtied will work hand in hand with the industrial and commercial circles in the innovative practice towards Industry 4.0. As a provider of intelligent system integration solutions, we have been committed to introducing and absorbing high-end intelligent innovation achievements at home and abroad, and providing customers with high-quality and stable automation equipment and intelligent solutions! And establish a good relationship of mutual benefit and win-win with users and potential customers, and provide customers with high-quality services throughout the process.


Through our mature Internet marketing system cloud service, we will create a new mobile Internet business promotion and operation model. All systems and services will take advantage of the accumulated marketing experience of end users for many years and the advantages of rich channels to minimize your Get the best promotion and long-lasting user stickiness in time.

D7 is a highly effective disinfectant that neutralizes toxic chemical and biological materials. It was originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories for use by military and civilian first responders in the handling of chemical and biological warfare agents.

Based on a NASA development in 1962, used for the space station and with the objective to disinfect the air and keep astronauts safe from the presence of ethylene gas, this development became known as oxidative photocatalyst (PCO).

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