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Effective ventilation and removal of pathogens is essential, not only for food and highlyperishable products, but also in other industrial sectors. From large-scale power plants or engineering assembly, to pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology, every company has to manage indoor air to achieve optimal results and stay safe. The need for proactive purification and odor reduction technology has never been greater, whether it be for particulate removal for sensitive technology, spore-free surface requirements, or even fungal control in storage.

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of surface and airborne pathogens.

  • Proactively checks for mold, harmful bacteria, and VOCs.

  • Safely removes odors, unlike traditional filters.

  • Counteracts imperfections in normal HVAC systems.

  • Provides scalable solutions and low operating costs.

  • Stops the spread of infections and reduces absenteeism.


As one of the world's top two aircraft manufacturers, Airbus needs no introduction. Airbus wanted the best possible air handling units (AHU) for its new HVAC system at a key production facility near Madrid, and was looking for a tailor-made solution: in particular, it wanted to ensure clean and healthy (VOC-free) air, particle and energy reduction efficiency. Industrial-size AHUs combined indirect gas heating with magnetic cooling.


ReSPR photocatalytic HVAC air purification units were installed before the filters on the outlet and return cycles. The main purpose of the purifiers was to continuously sanitize the filters and humidifiers, preventing the build-up of biofilms that impeded heating quality, and to continuously sanitize the filters and other components to increase performance and reduce maintenance.


Results: A successful partnership with their HVAC consultants has led to repeat orders for the same ReSPR-led solution at more Airbus facilities. Significantly, particle count is also reduced as ReSPR technology helps aggregate particle size and there is no need for old style carbon filters, eliminating the additional cost of filter replacement and associated performance loss with its use.

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