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New generation of quantum reactors called NCC(Natural Catalytic Conversion).

ReSPR OVERWATCH units are designed to be installed on ceilings and walls, substantially reducing the microbial load on air and self-ventilated surfaces

ReSPR's NCC technology is perfect for internal pollution control, odor reduction, external pollution prevention and much more


NCC technology consists of a high intensity light that reacts catalytically and uses the surrounding environment itself to create an advanced oxidation process. As a result, several environmentally friendly oxidants are produced that protect the air and surfaces, without producing ozone or other by-products.

Scientific tests have shown that the use of ReSPRTECH® air and surface purifiers substantially reduces microbial populations on surfaces.

The NCC Technology installed in this purifier has been successfully tested against the SARS COV-2 virus or CORONAVIRUS, which causes the disease called COVID-19.

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ReSPR launched a line of products for homes and businesses based on its medically proven technology.


This disinfectant technology continuously protects the surrounding environment, is effective against mold, viruses, bacteria and does not produce ozone.


The use of filters is not required.


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ReSPR substantially reduces odours, visible smoke in the air and the microbial population in the air and on surfaces through NCC Technology. Especially suitable for indoor pollution control


  • Continuous air disinfection.

  • Continuous disinfection of surfaces.

  • Savings in cleaning and disinfection products.

  • Savings in personnel costs.

  • Savings in work absenteeism.

  • Direct and indirect savings on medications and labor insurance.

  • Reinforces the institutional image by caring for the health of customers and employees

  • Prevents the formation of fungi.

  • Eliminates bad odors.

  • Easy installation: plug and play.

  • Almost no maintenance or cleaning.

  • Simple, discreet and silent.

  • Eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi in more than 99.99%.

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